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SCPL SA is a Public Limited company conceived in 2001 and established We started working in food processing domain, mainly cashew processing, in the year 2001 under the name of GIE Ely Bee. We collaborated with Handicap International, In 2004, and created SCPL SARL, a private limited company. With this collaboration we were able to reach
International market starting with France & Italy in the EU.

We continued our emphasis on providing quality product, maintaining  standards of EU and focused on organic production, which resulted in an increased demand. Therefore, we raised our production to 10 times, in 2019. To achieve this growth, Canadian Systems International helped us and we become SCPL SA, a public limited company with local and international partners.

          This partnership enabled us to construct a brand new factory in Ziguinchor, expanded our reach to new markets, like middle east, and bring world class domain knowledge and expertise to Senegal.